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Rehearsal tonight with the dancers

Going to the dance studio tonight, to drum for the dancers and work on our changes, and probably on the intro as well.

We are going to be playing the Nawari in our 4/4 mix for the first time tonight, so we need to see if it helps the dancers, or throws them off.

A while ago at a hafla the drummers played a line that was nothing but the basic doums, no ornamentation at all.   It stopped the dancers in their tracks.   Literally, it was so unexpected, and so on time, and so powerful for that one phrase, that all of the dancers in the room stopped dancing and looked at us.   We were very pleased, but also a bit embarrassed.

So, ever since then we make sure to play all of our beats and fills in front of the dancers so that they can approve it, and more importantly, have some warning.

The drummers will do some quick warm ups, and then play whatever the dancers want to work on.  Drumming for the dancers is a lot of fun, even in rehearsals, and if you don’t think I look forward to these rehearsals all week long you are nuts.

Full report tomorrow.

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