The Troupe
This drummer's journey with other drummers.

Semi-formal jam

Good day yesterday.  Very good day all in all.

D came over at about noon to share in my practice session, and my wife joined in as well.   After the warm up drills we settled into some technique drills, and D began the process of learning a few new tricks.

Then we settled into a fun little groove, just playing and smiling for about 20 minutes.   We all looked up at the clock saw that it was now 2:00.   So, a couple of hours practice in the early afternoon, which is always a great start to a Saturday.

Fast forward to about 5:00 and K and his wife came over.   K to jam, and the wives to work on a dance duet.   D just happened to call to ask about dinner plans, and he swung by as well, and suddenly we had three-fifths of the troupe, some dancing, and it was hybrid jam/rehearsal.

But (and this is what I had a great time with) because it was not studio time, I didn’t feel guilty about breaking out my riqq and having fun.

D and K have never heard me on the riqq, but I thought that they were grounded enough to hold the rhythms and play together, and I was right.   Which meant that I was able to play counterpoint and it was just so much fun.   Even better, it sounded great.

The riqq provides a great jangle, but is also able to play fills, or support the beat, or any combination, depending on what the player wants to do (and, of course, is capable of doing.  I am working on the capable bits.)  Still, even at my level of play, we sound really good.

After we finished that section, and the dancers took a small break, both D and K were very excited.   I could almost see the lights go on above their heads as they understood why I have been rambling about multiple instruments in the troupe.  K was really funny when he said, “Great, just great!  Now I need to learn how to play that too!  When will it end?”

Bad news K, it won’t.   You just fall in love with every drum you see.

We didn’t stop drumming until hunger gave us no choice, at about 8:00.

So, all in all:

  • Five hours of drumming.
  • Played the riqq with other drummers playing the doumbeks.
  • Watched beautiful, wonderful dancers in my living room.

A very good day for sure.

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