The Troupe
This drummer's journey with other drummers.

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Underneath the “A Quick Introduction” heading on the sidebar are pages with titles such as, “Rhythm: …”, or “Technique: …”   The idea is to give a very basic overview of what the troupe is actually drumming, and provide a bit of basic knowledge to anyone reading this that might be curious.

I will be updating those pages from time to time and also adding new ones as the troupe progresses in their own abilities.  This also includes exercises, and rhythm combinations that create longer beats.

I won’t be adding any of the more advanced beats, until we are actually playing those, so if you are looking for a Mologi, or Karslimah, this is the wrong place at the moment.

But those might happen in a few months, so keep checking the pages from time to time.

Rhythms are fairly easy to notate, but Techniques can be tough to simply describe.  So, here a few rules of thumb to make translation easier:

  • Live instruction is the best way to learn. Books, tapes, DVDs, CDs, and internet clips are valuable tools, but the interaction of live instruction, with immediate and personal feedback, is incomparable to the rest.
  • Use the internet. For the quick and dirty way to see/hear what I am writing about, just enter the Rhythm or Technique name into your favorite search engine/video clip browser, and enjoy.   Try alternate spellings.  Try misspellings.  Bonus points for getting link lost and hearing your first tonbak and daf duet by accident.   This is a great time to be alive, if for no other reason than that I can sit on my comfy chair with my doumbek on my lap and play with the best drummers in the world, no matter where in the world they are.  Awesome.
  • When learning, go slow. Go even slower than that.   Go really, really slow.  Practicing quickly does nothing for you except to increase the speed at which you develop and reinforce bad habits and sloppy technique.   It is far, far, far better to play it perfectly and slow, than sloppily and fast.   This is true in all parts of life by the way.  Apply it to, for example, kissing.  Which is better: The slow kiss, soft and perfectly delivered, or the fast kiss that hits you in the teeth and nose with lips flapping?  Simple when you think of it that way, yes?
  • Give me feedback. Please feel free to leave questions or suggestions as comments.  Any and all help I can get to be understood is welcomed and appreciated.

Thanks for checking out the blog, and hopefully you not only enjoy it, but it also inspires you to pick up a drum and have some fun.

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