The Troupe
This drummer's journey with other drummers.

Rehearsal: August 5, 2009

We got a lot done tonight, and our mistakes and miscues gave us all a firm idea of what needs practice and what needs more discussion and thought.

The rhythm changes that we will be responsible for from now on with the dancers were our focus of course.   We decided, after a few miscues, train wrecks, and pie fights, to go with the simple.  (Flare guns are not going to work as well as we hoped but they ARE exciting!)

We went over our communication, and made sure that our terms are all in synch, and then we ended with a bit of fun.   That nice slow Zaar that works its way into an Ayoub is a lot of fun, and it is almost impossible not to walk out of there smiling after playing it.

I am going to do my best to get together individually with the drummers, and I need to work on a few new handouts, as the first one has already become dated.   So, we are progressing, even if from time to time it seems like we are making more mistakes than music.

Next week with the dancers will be great.

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