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The sidebar over there (Part II) ->

Underneath the “A Quick Introduction” heading on the sidebar are pages with titles such as, “Rhythm: …”, or “Technique: …”   The idea is to give a very basic overview of what the troupe is actually drumming, and provide a bit of basic knowledge to anyone reading this that might be curious.

One important thing to note is that while I am a student of drumming, I am certainly not a scholar.   There are many discussions and debates about what a certain rhythm should be called, how and when it should be played, how much variation is possible on it before it becomes a different rhythm, and so on.   Many, many, MANY, discussions.   Add in various differences that stem from region, or context, or even instrument used to play it, and you can see why I am very hesitant to claim any sort of final knowledge or to be the best source.

Again, what I post in the sidebar are the very basic rhythms we are using in performance and the names that we use are the ones that are most often agreed upon within the community of drummers we interact with.

I bring this up because a few of the newer rhythms that the drummers are beginning to use are not only more complex in terms of beat and structure, but also in terms of history and context.  Pretty easy to agree on a Beledi, but the Ghawazee is less agreed upon.

It is not my intent to pass myself off as more knowledgeable than I am, nor to offend or belittle anyone.   I am very appreciative of any respectful feedback, and I am enthusiastic to learn new things.  If you have a different variant, or call a rhythm a different name than I use, please leave a comment and I will be happy to add it in, or ask you further questions, and so on.

I am grateful for all of the fine examples I have been given, and of all of the fine teachers I have had, even if they only taught me a single rhythm on an obscure little web page that I happened to find by sheer luck on a search engine at 3:00 am on a sleepless Tuesday.

Thanks for reading, thanks for drumming, and thanks for any feedback.

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