The Troupe
This drummer's journey with other drummers.

Rehearsal: September 16, 2009

We drummed for the dancers for the second week in a row, in preparation for the gigs coming up this weekend.

The rehearsal went very well, and we got in a solid 90 minutes of drumming.

Sadly, C wasn’t there (and won’t make the weekend’s gigs with job commitments) but D has his new dohola, and that helped make up for the loss of C’s big djimbe.

The dohola sounds great in the studio, and D was playing it with a lot of confidence.

We put a bit of pressure on him to lead us into rhythm changes, and barring a stumble or two at first, he did very well.

It seems a bit strange, but I have begun to expect us to sound great, and to perform well for the dancers.   Before I would have a bit of trepidation, and be as ready for problems as I could be, but we seem to be past that stage.

The next stage, I think, is developing some orchestration, and really focusing on our overall musicality.   That new dohola has given the drummers more range, and more power.

And, as we all know, with great power comes great responsibility.

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