The Troupe
This drummer's journey with other drummers.

Rehearsal: September 26, 2009

What a great rehearsal tonight!

In keeping with how often we perform outdoors, someone had the genius idea of taking a few rehearsals out to the local parks in our area, and using that space to give the dancers more practice time on the uneven ground, and the drummers more practice time in the big open air.

(I could, and almost certainly will, write an essay about exactly how crucial the accoustics of the space you are performing in is to the way you must play, but that will be for a future time.   Suffice to say, the differences are huge. )

So, at about 6:30 in the evening we all gathered at a nearby city park, grouped on a bench or two, staked out some space on the grass and went to work.   (Man, the softball players were REALLY annoyed at first, but we really liked that spot between third base and home…  kidding… kidding…)

Five dancers and four drummers were there, so it was very near a full Troupe.  We decided to run through the performances we have planned for the upcoming gigs, and for the first time, time it.   The actual first run through went flawlessly, and we attracted quite a few groups to hear us, and then see the dancers.

There was a big, BIG, family BBQ thing going on, with literally dozens of people.  There were a good number of couples, strolling around on the mild, late summer breeze.  A few smaller families, a group of gangbangers, a few homeless people, and a large group of women from India (I think) dressed in colorful Middle-eastern dresses.

The drummers, for whatever combination of reasons, were locked in.  We sounded good, and our transitions were flawless.  We sounded exactly the way we wanted to sound for every performance we ever do.  It was really great.   So good in fact, that the pessimist inside of me was worried that we were going to screw up the second run through and end the evening on a down trend.

My inner pessimist has been told to shut up and eat a popsicle.  He obviously knows nothing.

Our second run through was better than the first as C and D suddenly jelled and began to form beat/counter-beat combinations that were vibrant, bouncy and solid on timing.  They certainly turned my head, and after the second set the dancers ran over gushing about how great we sounded, and how exciting it was to have DRUMMERS!

A Saturday evening, a brilliant sunset while drumming for beautiful dancers, a late supper and social, and falling to sleep with a sense of pride in how far we have already come, and the certain knowledge that we are just going to get better from here.

An absolutely great day.

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