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This drummer's journey with other drummers.

Rehearsal: October 7th, 2009

Last rehearsal with the dancers for a bit.  Only three of our drummers made it for this last rehearsal before our weekend of gigs.  K, D, and myself were all game, and held everything down for the dancers just fine.

C had work, and N had some cooking to do for our food while at the weekend of gigs.   Money and Food always trump practice, even for such dedicated drummers as ourselves.

On the plus side the three that were there had more than enough volume and stamina to play the entire ninety minute rehearsal.  And that does add to your confidence going into a show, knowing that if push comes to shove, two or three of you can get out there and give a good performance.

Our rehearsals have been so focused on the sets coming up for the weekend that we really haven’t been expanding on anything.   Just building confidence and stamina really, which we will need at the outdoor shows.

(Blogger Note:  Sorry for the delay in posting, but this weekend was REALLY busy.)

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