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This drummer's journey with other drummers.

Rehearsal: November 11, 2009

Week two of the rehearsals for the Belly Dance Variety show.

The rehearsal itself went very well.   At this point the drummers are kind of humming right along.

We show up on time, settle into our places in a quiet manner, shake hands, and smile at each other, and then wait for the dance director to have us start.

We go through the warms up, the performance rehearsal, and any changes on the agenda with a minimum of fuss.

It is a bit surprising how professional we have become, but I am really proud of it, and it does make me smile.

When there are any issues, and that is exceedingly rare now, the drummers all talk to me, and the dancers all speak to the troupe leader.   She and I conference and work it out, and then bring the answers or solutions back to drummers or dancers as needed.   It really cuts down on the cacophony of sound that we had the first few rehearsals, when everyone simply raised their voice to be heard.

As I said, we are conducting ourselves professionally now.

I think the biggest reason is the trust that has developed as a result of the many gigs and rehearsals we have done together in the last three months.   The Dancers trust the Drummers to be prepared, to work hard, and to do our absolute best to make them look good.  None of the Drummers has any ego issues, or need to be the star.   We are all very happy to play to and for the Dancers, and let them soak up all of the applause.   And, on the other side of the coin, the Drummers all trust the Dancers to appreciate us, work hard to communicate their needs, and be very liberal in their praise of us within the community.

It makes a HUGE difference as a drummer to hear the dancers gush about how great we sound, how we can pull in big crowds, and how they cannot imagine performing without us.   That is especially true when they are saying all of that to the audience, organizers and promoters, or other dancers outside of the troupe.

As much as all of the drummers love the audience’s applause, what really drives us is the happiness and praise of our dancers.

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