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Separation of Senses

January 21, 2010

“Separation of Senses” is essentially the ability to play different rhythm parts with the left and the right hand simultaneously.  When done confidently it gives a very distinctive feel to a rhythm, and really brings out a lot of dynamics in a groove.  Middle eastern doumbek playing is literally filled with this and it is […]

Beginning Workshop: November 22, 2009

December 11, 2009

On Saturday, November 22, I taught my first ever workshop. I was very fortunate to be able to use a friend’s amazing backyard as the workshop space, and it could not have been more conducive.   She is a tattoo artist, and just about as earthy and funky as it is possible to be without being […]

The Renovation Project: Part IV

November 25, 2009

Phase VIII (Paint and Clear Coats) Knowing how often I take this doumbek to gigs, and how often those gigs are outdoors, I went with exterior paints for my colors. I chose a textured paint in gunmetal dark grey for the exterior.  The textured paints are much thicker than normal and have a coagulent in […]

The Renovation Project: Part III

November 24, 2009

Phase VI (Sanding it all smooth…well, mostly) The bondo was finally dry and I was thrilled.   That is an indication of how depressing Phases I – V really were: I was happy the bondo was dry.   Pretty much sums it up for the project to that point… Now it was time to take this hunk […]

The Renovation Project: Part II

November 21, 2009

Phase III (Deep breaths and not giving up) Having stripped all of the pleather from the Red Neck Doumbek I was honestly horrified at the condition of the drum body itself, and despair was creeping up on me. Had I taken something that had sounded so good and ruined it by trying to fix it? […]