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Drilling Down to the Good Stuff

January 21, 2016

Drills are the practice of working on getting a particular tone, or working on a hand position, or focusing on a counting drill of some sort. When I am doing Drills I focus on these three ideas:   1) Stay Relaxed. It is very important to focus on proper technique. That includes posture, hand position, […]

Separation of Senses

January 21, 2010

“Separation of Senses” is essentially the ability to play different rhythm parts with the left and the right hand simultaneously.  When done confidently it gives a very distinctive feel to a rhythm, and really brings out a lot of dynamics in a groove.  Middle eastern doumbek playing is literally filled with this and it is […]

The importance of random

August 11, 2009

When we first started I had the troupe vary the rhythms we played a great deal during performances, going from Beledi to Maqsum to Saiidi to Nawari and back again.  We play them all in 4/4, and all at the same tempo, but shifting constantly.  We are not playing with a lot of ornamentation, and […]

Variations: How to make it fun

August 10, 2009

Fun psychology experiment # 21: The coffee shop! Here is the game:   Go to a coffee shop that you are not well known at, and don’t mind never going to again.   Grab a mocha, or hot chocolate, and find a table where you can sit with your back to the wall and facing the room.  […]

Semi-formal jam

August 2, 2009

Good day yesterday.  Very good day all in all. D came over at about noon to share in my practice session, and my wife joined in as well.   After the warm up drills we settled into some technique drills, and D began the process of learning a few new tricks. Then we settled into […]