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Rhythm: 8/4 The Hayallah

The Hayallah is a classic 8/4 rhythm that probably originates in Persia.

The translation of Hayallah is basically, “Allah is in the Room”.

I find that I can get the feel of it if I simply picture myself in a warm room, with some chanting in the background, and becoming just that dangerously little bit sleepy.

One key element of Hayallah are the accents on the 7 and the 8. I prefer them to be entirely unadorned Teks, played crisply. As long as you keep those two Teks well spaced, clean, and without adornment, the Hayallah gathers this immense power, and truly fills the room, captivating audiences.

Here is the “basic” Hayallah.

Hayallah (8/4)
Basic (Doom and Tek)

(First Half)

1 & 2 & 3 & 4 &

(Second Half)

5 & 6 & 7 & 8 &

Again, it is truly powerful if you keep those Teks on the 7 and the 8 simple, clean, and crisp.

Speak the tones and count softly to yourself as you learn this rhythm.
Literally, say, “Doum DoumTekTek Tek DoumTekDoumTek Tek Tek”. It helps!

As with all rhythms, the way you play it, and the intention and feeling you play with, is what gives that rhythm power.

Hayallah can be played reverentially, or with a bit of playfulness, and as long as you FEEL that, and keep that 7 and 8 clean, I think you will find Hayallah to be a very useful addition to your bag of drummer tricks.


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